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Below is a sample of some of my writing projects. You can read more recent articles, currently unpublished on my blog site. For more information about any of these publications, please contact me directly.

Note: All efforts have been made to provide active links to articles/sites published on-line. Owners & operators of sites may have elected to change author credits or links. Active links appear in light blue. All of the following articles were originally written by me, the author.

Humor Books
Ski Instructors Confidential: The Stories Ski Instructors Swap Back at the Lodge – Peanut Butter Publishing – 2005
Watching Grandma Circle the Drain – AuthorHouse Publications – 2011
Monkey in a Pink Canoe – Relentlessly Creative Books – 2014

America’s Funniest Humor –

For Better or for Worse: Man Takes Marital Vows with Himself
Birth Anomalies I’d Like to Have

Literary Work
How a Skiing Book Found Its Groove – The Writer Magazine, 2009
Let’s Get Physical: Assessing Your Aging Client’s Athletic AbilityThe Professional Skier
Wounded Knee: A Tale of Ligament Destruction – The Professional Skier

Unhinged Magazine
Feng Shui-ing My Chakras
With Rentals Like These, Who Needs Friends?

Sovereign Health Network
Wrongful Convictions: Prosecutorial Misconduct Ruins Lives

For Beauty and Care
BMI: Overweight or Overfat?
How Diet Can Turn Your Dark Days into Sunshine
Are Your Ears Ringing?

The Vail Daily
Farewell Until We Meet Again, Warren
It’s Rough Out There in the Dating World
As If Learning to Ski Wasn’t Hard Enough
It’s All in the Name
Money for Nuthin’
Stranded in Purgatory
Troubling Questions About Hair
A Most Fowl Place to Wake Up
A Hypochondriac’s Life
Strange Games at the Olympics
Birthday Big Whoop
The Happiest Summit on Earth
Smoke ‘em if Ya Got ‘em
You Can Call Me Admiral
How Hard Could This Bank Job Be?

Health and Fitness Books
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners – contributor 2010

Are Your Ears Ringing? – Understanding Tinnitus
How Diet Can Turn Your Dark Days into Sunshine
Body Mass Index: Overweight or Overfat
Is Your Gray Hair Increasing Your Risk for Heart Disease?
Medicine and 3D Printing
The Benefits of Sun vs. Vitamin D and E
Ten Minutes that Could Save Your Life – Coronary Calcium Scanning
There’s a Little Zebra in All of Us – Blatchkos Lines

The following articles were written and published for LIVESTRONG.COM

Weight Control
How Does the Body Excrete Fat?
Fat Burning Methods For Men
How To Calculate Calories Burned During Exercise
How To Calculate Body Fat At The Waist
How To Determine Caloric Intake
How to Eat Healthfully After a Heart Attack
Carbohydrate Diet Foods
How To Calculate Caloric Output
How To Calculate Calories Burned
How To Increase Metabolism Rate
How To Lose Weight Using A Treadmill
How To Control Your Obesity & Lose Weight
What Is The BMI Formula?
What Makes The Body Burn Fat?
How To Increase the Body’s Metabolism
Walking Programs to Lose Weight
How to Calculate Daily Calorie Requirement
How To Calculate Body Fat At Home

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight?
Foods That Lower Cholesterol.
Learning To Eat Healthy
How To Create A Healthy Diet Plan
Foods With Fat
List Of Calorie Counts In Foods
List Of Food Labels
Foods Fortified With Plant Sterols Or Stanols
Foods With The Most Omega-3
List Of Foods With Complex Carbs
What Foods Cause High Cholesterol?
List Of Simple Carbohydrates Foods
How To Determine How Many Calories You Need In A Day
List Of High Calorie Food
What Are The Dangers Of A Low Carb Diet?
List Of Carbs In Fruit
List Of Carb Counts In Foods
About Nutrition And Dieting
How to Naturally Reduce LDL Cholesterol
About Cholesterol Lowering Foods
List Of Calories In Fruits & Veggies
A List Of Carb Foods
How To Create A Diet Plan
How To Count The Calories Required In A Day
List Of High Calorie Foods
What Are The Dangers Of A Low Carb Diet?
List Of Carbs In Fruit
List Of Carb Counts In Foods
About Nutrition And Dieting
About Cholesterol Lowering Foods
List Of Calories In Fruits & Veggies
A List Of Carb Foods
How To Create A Diet Plan
How To Count The Calories Required In A Day
Simple List Of Low Carbohydrate Foods
How To Calculate Calories Needed Each Day
Cholesterol- & Triglyceride-lowering Diets
List Of Soluble & Insoluble Foods
10 Top Healthiest Foods
How To Diet Using Glycemic Index
About Counting Carbs
Low Blood Sugar Symptoms In The Diabetic
Maintaining A Healthy Diet
How To Find Low Cholesterol Foods
List Of Low Or Carbohydrate Free Foods
Fat Grams In Foods
How To Control Cholesterol Levels
Diets To Help Lower Cholesterol
Managing Cholesterol
List Of Cholesterol In Food
A List Of Calories In Foods
How To Find A List Of Low-cholesterol Foods
List Of Calories In Food
List Of Carbohydrates In Foods
4 Ways to Add Salmon to Your Diet to Improve Heart Health
How To Find Low Cholesterol Diets
How To Learn Your Food Groups
Can Fast Food Cause Heart Disease?
List Of Raw Low Carbohydrate Foods
Low-fat Foods List
Foods That Lower Cholesterol
Foods With Omega 6
Name The 10 Healthiest Foods To Eat
List Of Carb Foods
Vitamins That Lower Cholesterol
Eggs And Cholesterol
Foods High In Antioxidants & Low In Carbohydrates
The American Heart Association’s Dietary Guidelines
Carb Type List For Common Foods
Are There Any Side Effects With Taking Fish Oil?
Healthy Diet To Break Down Blood Sugar Levels
How To Make A Diet Plan From Food You Like
High Cholesterol Foods
How To Reduce Cholesterol With Oat Bran
Foods With High Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Do Avocados Help In Reducing Cholesterol?
Low Cholesterol Diets For Seniors
Recommended Diets for People with High Blood Pressure
How Carbohydrates Work In the Body
How to Determine Daily Caloric Intake
Foods High In Omega 3 & Omega 6
A List Of Cholesterol-free Foods
Foods To Avoid For High LDL Cholesterol
Does Eating Oatmeal Help Lower Cholesterol?
About The New USDA Food Guide Pyramid
What Are Good Sources Of Protein & Carbohydrates?
How Does Omega 3 Lower Cholesterol?
Formula To Calculate Daily Caloric Intake
A Weight Loss Program For Men
How To Count Carbs While Dieting
How To Calculate Skinfold
How To Reduce Body Fat Percentage With A Diet
List Of Grams Of Fat In Food
What Does A Healthy Meal Consist Of?
What Foods Are Unhealthy With Coronary Artery Disease
Dietary Factors That Cause Hypertension
High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid
How Does Oatmeal Help Remove Cholesterol?
Foods to Eat on a Low-calorie Diet
Does Saturated Fat Cause Heart Disease?
How Do Cheerios Reduce Cholesterol?
How To Lower Triglycerides with Diet
Carb Content Food List
How to Treat High Triglycerides Naturally
Top Ten Foods Not To Eat
Calorie List of Fruits
Omega 3 Fish Oil Ingredients
List Of Carb Values for Foods
List of Calories in Fruits

Diabetes Management
What Is a Good Diabetic Breakfast?
List Of Low Glycemic Carbohydrate Foods
List Of Good Carbs Diabetics Can Eat
Foods That Lower High Blood Sugar
List Of What Diabetics Should Not Eat
List Of Low GI Food
List Of Good Carbs For Diabetics
List Of Foods That Have A High Glycemic Index
What Is Considered A High Blood Sugar Level For A Diabetic …
High Glycemic Index Food List
What Are The Causes Of High Glucose Blood Test Results
How Many Carbs Should A Diabetic Eat In A Day?
How to Make an A1C Test Lower
Ideal Diabetic Diet
Why Do We Need Sugar In Our Blood?
What Is A High Blood Sugar Level Range?
Glycemic Foods List
Diet For People With Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Type 1 Treatments
Causes Of Type II Diabetes
Diabetic Cooking
List Of Glycemic Common Foods
How To Create A Diet From The Glycemic Index
About Sugar & Diabetes
Glycemic Index List Of Foods
About Carb Counting
About Diabetes & Low Cholesterol Diets
Advice About Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes Food Plan
Ideas For A Diabetic Diet
Symptoms Of Nerve Damage From Diabetes
A1c Guidelines For Diabetes
Diet Advice For Diabetics
Hypoglycemia Treatment
About Foot Care For A Diabetic Patient
List Of Foods For Diabetic People
What Is A High Glycemic Index?
A Diabetic Diet For People With High Blood Sugar
How To Start A Low Glycemic Diet
How To Choose A Glucose Meter
How To Read A Glucose Monitor
About Blood Sugar Testing
Alternative Diabetes Medication
How To Make Good Food Choices If You Have Diabetes
Ways To Treat Diabetes
How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
How Does Diabetes Affect The Eyes?
Diabetic Neuropathy Pain
Hyperglycemic Shock
About The Diabetic Food Pyramid
Good Carbohydrate Food For Diabetics
How To Check Blood Sugar Levels
How To Count Carbs For Diabetics
How To Use A Glycemic Index Diet
How To Prevent Getting Type 2 Diabetes
What Are Healthy Glucose Levels?
Healthy Blood Sugar Levels For Diabetics
What Are The Causes Of Hyperglycemia?
Signs Of Diabetes
Side Effects Of Diabetic Medications
About Hba1c
What Fruits Are Good For A Diabetic?
About Healthy Diastolic Blood Pressure
How Is Diabetes Related To Heart Disease?
What Foods to Avoid On a Hypoglycemic Diet
Exercising To Reduce Diabetes
What Is a High Blood Sugar Level?
Facts on Hypoglycemia Prevention
Symptoms Of High Or Low Blood Sugar In Diabetics
Facts on Hyperglycemia Symptoms
Hypoglycemia Behavior
How To Buy A Glucose Meter
Diabetes Side Effects
How To Calculate Carbohydrates For A Diabetic Diet
Healthy Cholesterol Levels For Diabetics
Risk Factors For Hyperglycemia
Hyperglycemia And Cardiovascular Disease
Dizziness And Hypoglycemia
What Are The Dangers Of High Blood Sugar Levels?
Diabetic Breakfast Recipes
Hypoglycemia During Pregnancy
Sources Of Blood Glucose
The Glycemic Index Chart
What Are Normal Blood Glucose Testing Results?
Food Home Remedies for Diabetics
Effects of Exercise on Blood Glucose

Cigarette Smoking & Cessation
How Does Smoking Affect the Heart
Help Quit Smoking
How Does Your Health Improve After You Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Blood Chemistry
How to Raise Good Cholesterol Numbers.
How To Raise Good Cholesterol Naturally
How To Increase Cholesterol
High Cholesterol Information
How To Boost Hemoglobin
Effects Of Oatmeal On Blood Glucose
Healthy Range For LDL Cholesterol
How To Bring Cholesterol Down Quickly
How To Reduce Cholesterol In The Body
How Do I Lower My Cholesterol Level?
How to Naturally Reduce LDL Cholesterol
How To Lower LDL Cholesterol Without Drugs
Remedies to Control Cholesterol
What Is a Normal Cholesterol Number?
How To Understand Cholesterol Results
About Symptoms Of High Cholesterol
How To Increase Your Good Cholesterol Ratio
Side Effects Of Niacin For Low HDL
Best Way To Raise HDL Cholesterol
Foods That Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Lowering High Cholesterol With Exercise
Health Risks Of Cholesterol Medicine
Natural Remedies For Lowering Cholesterol
What Causes High LDL?
How Can I Lower My LDL Levels?
How to Lower Triglyceride Levels Naturally
Foods That Raise Cholesterol
Pizza and Cholesterol
Peanuts And Cholesterol
How To Track Cholesterol
An Ideal Cholesterol Number

Exercise and Fitness
How To Calculate Calories Burned During Exercise
How To Jump Start Your Metabolism With Exercise
What Is A Spirometer Used For?
Healthy Heart & Exercise
Lactic Acid
How To Warm Up On the Treadmill
Walk Fit Exercise
How to Exercise On a Treadmill
Workout Schedules for Beginners

Heart Disease
How To Eat Healthy After A Heart Attack
How To Measure Blood Pressure Using A Sphygmomanometer
How Does Exercise Reduce Blood Pressure?
What Are Physical Signs Of An Oncoming Heart Attack
What Is Considered A High Blood Pressure Reading
Healthy Blood Pressure Range For Men
Heart Blockage Symptoms
About Hereditary Heart Disease
Leading Causes Of Heart Disease
How Is Heart Disease Diagnosed?
The Atherosclerosis Process
Cholesterol Types
Who Is At Risk of Heart Disease?
Causes & Treatment Of Coronary Heart Disease
Alternative Remedies For Lowering High Blood Pressure
How To Maintain Heart Health
Differences In Cholesterol-lowering Drugs
Cholesterol Functions
Causes Of Coronary Artery Disease
Treatment Options For Heart Disease
About Primary Hypertension
What Is Ischemic Heart Disease?
Diet For Patients With High Cholesterol
Signs Of Heart Attacks In Women
Side Effects Of Cholesterol Medicines
Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women.
Living with Heart Disease
Structure & Functions Of The Cardiovascular System
Early Warning Signs Of Heart Disease
Heart Disease
About Arteriosclerosis
Symptoms Of Heart Attacks In Women
Atherosclerotic Heart Disease
Why Are Men More Prone To Heart Disease Than Women
Alternative Therapies For The Treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease
Cholesterol Drug Side Effects
How To Fight High Cholesterol
How High Blood Pressure Causes A Heart Attack
How To Read Blood Pressure
About Angiography
Screening For Heart Disease
Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Attacks In Women
Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs
How To Diagnose Hypertension
Risk Factors For Heart Disease & Stroke
Abnormal Systolic Blood Pressure Readings
What Are The Causes Of Arteriosclerosis?
How To Evaluate Blood Pressure Readings
First Signs Of A Heart Attack In Women
Signs Of Hypertension
Blood Pressure Measurement Instructions
How Does Heart Disease Affect The Body?
How Does Exercise Affect Heart Disease?
Risk Factors for Arteriosclerosis
Alternatives to Heart Bypass Surgery
Causes of Dizziness and High Blood Pressure
Purpose of the Coronary Artery

eHow Articles

General Health
About Blood Lipids
Artery Plaque Reduction
Causes of Coronary Heart Disease
Causes of Dizziness and High Blood Pressure
Diet for Heart Bypass Patient
Disorders of the Cardiovascular System
Does Eating Oatmeal Help Lower Cholesterol?
Early Heart Attack Warning Signs
Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis
Foods with the Most Omega 3
Formula for Percentage of Weight Lost
Healthy Eating Plan to Prevent Plaque
Healthy Ways to Burn Fat
High Blood Pressure Causes
How can Diabetes Cause Atherosclerosis?
How Does Alcoholism Physically Affect People?
How Does Fat Leave Your Body?
How Does Hypertension Affect Blood Pressure?
How is High Blood Pressure Lowered without medicine?
How to Analyze Blood Test Results
How to Apply a 5-lead ECG
How to Avoid Heart Disease
How to Calculate Glucose Concentration
How to Deal with Patellar Subluxation
How to Determine How Many Calories You Need
How to Determine Percent Weight Loss
How to Explain Results of Cholesterol Tests
How to Get an Alcoholic Spouse into Treatment
How to Help an Alcoholic with Withdrawal
How to Improve LDL Levels
How to Measure Skin Folds to Determine Percent Body Fat
How to Reduce Blood Glucose
How to Reduce Lipoproteins
How to Understand CBC Blood Test Results
How Your Body Heals After Smoking Cessation
Importance of Cholesterol in the Body
Information on Alcoholism
List of Foods to Avoid When You Have High Cholesterol
The Fastest Way to Lose Weight the Natural Way
The Role of Cholesterol in the Body
Three Top Tips for Weight Loss
Warning Signs of a Heart Attack
Ways to Eat Healthy
Ways to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis
Weight Loss Tips
What are Coronary Blood Vessels?
What Are the Benefits of Sport on Health?
What Are the Long Term Effects of Arthritis?
What Are the Normal Levels of LDL & HDL?
What Are Two Classifications of Carbohydrates?
What Is a Good HDL Level?
What is An Abnormal Blood Pressure?
What is HDL in the Blood?
What is the Meaning of a Diastolic Blood Pressure?
What is the Role of Carbohydrate?
Why Nutrition is Important to Overall Fitness

Diabetes Articles
A Diabetes Prevention Diet

Causes of Hypoglycemia
Diabetes Meal Planning Guide
Diabetic Care Guidelines
Food Exchanges for Diabetics
Healthy Diet to Prevent Diabetes
How to Determine  Diabetes with Blood Glucose Testing
How to Lower Hemoglobin A1c Count
List of Low Glycemic Carbohydrate Foods
Methods Used to Determine Blood Glucose
Reducing Your Glucose Level
Symptoms of Diabetes in the Feet
Symptoms of Early Diabetes
The Range of Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes
Ways to Reduce High Blood Sugar

How to Build a Simple Website with Adobe Contribute 3
How to Create an Email Template
How to Get Your Emails Read
How to Interview an Expert for Print or Websites
How to Optimize a Website Using Adobe Contribute 3

Health and Fitness
Beginning Exercise Plans for the Obese
Definition of Skeletal System
How Often Should I Walk to Get Enough Exercise?
How to Build Up Aerobic Fitness
How to Develop a Physical Fitness Program
How to Use Adjustable Trekking Poles
How to Use Core Exercise Bands
How to Use the Talk Test When Exercising
Urban Fitness Tips

Smoking and Smoking Cessation
How Does Smoking Affect Your Heart?
How to Use Walking Programs to Lose Weight

Outdoor Sports
How to Change a Tire on a Road Bike
How to Choose a Bike Saddle
How to Choose a Road Bike Tire
How to Install a Bicycle Seat
How to Replace a Bicycle Tube
How to Replace a Rear Bicycle Tire

Snow Sports
How to Avoid ACL Injuries While Skiing
How to Buy Heaters for Ski Boots
How to Buy Snowblades
How to Buy Women’s Ski Boots
How to Clean the Snow Off the Bottom of Your Boots
How to Do a Crossover on Skis
How to Do a Royal Christies on Skis
How to Do Railroad Track Turns on Shaped Skis
How to Find a Lost Ski in Deep Snow
How to Get Fitted for Custom Footbeds
How to Get Out of your Ski Bindings Without Any Hands
How to Get Up After a Fall
How to Get Up on One Ski
How to Give Your Clients a Great Ski Lesson
How to Herringbone Uphill on Alpine Skis
How to Hire a Great Private Lesson Ski Instructor
How to Identify Snow Skis
How to Improve Your Balance while Skiing
How to Keep Hands Warm While Skiing
How to Look Cool When Skiing
How to Make Skis Faster
How to Master a Worm Turn on Skis
How to Perform a Butt Crack on Alpine Skis
How to Perform a Hockey Stop on Alpine Skis
How to Perform a Kick Turn on Skis
How to Ride a Poma Lift
How to Ride a Rope Tow
How to Ride a T-bar While Skiing
How to Size Ski Boots
How to Size Snow Skis
How to Ski Crud Like an Expert
How to Ski Using a Gliding Wedge
How to Ski with a Ski Patrol Toboggan
How to Store Ski Equipment in the Off-season
How to Tune Downhill Skis
How to Tune Your Skis
How to Use Powder Cords in Deep Snow
How to Wear a Balaclava
How to Wear a Neck Gator
How to Wear a Pair of Ski Boots
How to Wear a Pair of Skiing Goggles
How to Wear Glove Liners for Cold Weather
How Wear Ski Poles

How to Blow Up a Surgical Glove with Your Nose
How to Live with Ablutophobia
How to Live with Caligynephobia
How to LIve with Fish Odor Syndrome
How to Live with Foreign Accent Syndrome
How to Live with Grocer’s Itch
How to Live with Riley Day Syndrome
How to Survive Your Fifties

Everything Else
How to Determine What to Charge as a Freelance Writer
How to Get To Beaver Creek, Colorado
How to get to Vail from the Eagle County Airport
How to Get Tossed Off a Dating Website
How to Land a Great Job at a Ski Resort
How to Make a Successful Move to the Mountains
How to Pack for a Ski Vacation
How to Recover from a Skid While Driving on Ice
How to Ski Vail on a Busy Day
How to Write a Great User Guide for Almost Anything
How to Write a Special Genre Book
How to Write a Winning Book Press Release

Miscellaneous Published Articles with Known Non-Functioning Links

Outdoor Sports and Equipment
How To Patch A Bike Tire
How Do I Size Snow Ski Poles?
Smart Shopping for Cross Country Skis
How To Fit Hiking Boots
Smart Shopping for Water Skis
How To Remove Tires From A Road Bike
How To Replace The Rear Tire On A Bicycle
How Do I Replace A Bicycle Tire?
How Do Chairlifts Work?
Mountain Bikes
How To Change A Rear Mountain Bike Tire
How To Change A Flat Road Bike Tire
Why Do You Need To Wax Skis?
Wake Skis
Snowboard Boots
The Best Women’s Ski Boots For Narrow Feet
Ski Pole Techniques
Children’s Snowboards
Children’s Skis
Freestyle Skis
The Use Of Ski Poles
Ways to Compete in Alpine Skiing for the Blind and Partially Sighted
How To Keep Hands And Toes Warm While Skiing
Doing A Kick Turn In Skiing
How To Keep Feet Warm While Skiing
How To Keep Toes Warm While Skiing
How To Keep Hands Warm When Snowboarding
What Are The Advantages Of Telemark Skiing?

Alcoholism and Recovery
About Alcoholism Recovery
12 Steps For Alcohol Rehabilitation
Alcohol & High Blood Pressure
Alcohol & Coronary Heart Disease

Other Sports Medicine Articles
Planter Fasciitis Symptoms
Homeopathic Remedy For Plantar Warts
ACL injuries
Arthofibrosis (knee stiffness)
Chondral injuries/defects
Knee pain
Microfracture surgery
Low back pain
Lumbar disc herniation
Lumbar stenosis
Lumbar instability
Multidirectional instability
Labral tear
Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)
Little Leaguer’s Elbow (Medial Apophysitis)
Hip pain
Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI)
MCL injuries
Meniscus tears
Patello-femoral pain syndrome
PCL injuries
Ankle sprains
Achilles ruptures/repair Articles (site is no longer functioning)
Diabetes and Exercise
Exercise Risks with Uncontrolled Diabetes
Beginning an Exercise Program for Diabetics
Physical Activity and Medications
Lowering Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes with Exercise
Reducing Diabetes-related Risk Factors with Exercise
iPhone Apps for Diabetes Management
Be Your Own Public Information Officer: Who to Tell You Have Diabetes
Kids and Diabetes
Lifestyle and Coping with Type I Diabetes: Your Child and the Family
Understanding Your Child’s Diabetes Test Results
How to Speak to Your Doctor About Your Child’s Diabetes
Causes of Type I Diabetes – What Did I Do Wrong?
Treatment of Your Child’s Type I Diabetes
Activities for the Whole Family: Inventive Ways Diabetics Can Stay Active
Be Prepared When You Feel Your Glucose Dropping
Hemoglobin A1C
Medications for Diabetics – An Overview
Types of Insulin
Insulin Pumps – Are They Right for Me?
Keeping a Healthy Outlook Through Exercise
Diabetes, Age and Exercise
Choosing the Best Exercise in Diabetes
Other Exercise Benefits for Diabetics
Lower Extremities and Exercise in Diabetes
Preventing Hypoglycemia During Exercise
Hemoglobin A1c and Exercise Articles
Gear essentials editor for
Ski Boot Sizing
Ski Sizing Chart and Calculator
Which Discount Ski Equipment Gear, Bindings Offer the Best Value?
Which Discount Ski Boots Offer the Best Value?
Alpine Tuning Tips and Tools
How to Install Ski Bindings
Buying Boutique Skis
How to Size Adult Skis
How to Size Children’s Skis
Lessons: Should It Be a Group or Private?
Ski Equipment: Rent or Buy?
Which Ski is Right for You?
Eight Things You Should Never Be Without
Stowing Your Gear at the End of the Ski Season
Track Your High Altitude Ski Vacation
Go with the Flo-Ski: It Makes Skiing More Fun
Creating the Perfect Fitting Boot
Design Your Own Skis
Dual Edge Snowboard is Here
What to Look for in Women’s Skis
Here’s How to Get Traction Off the Slopes
Take a Day Off the Slopes – Try Snowshoeing
Head Off the Beaten Path with Telemark Skiing
Get Great Ski Gear Bags
Bargain Ski Gear for Children
Packing a Ski Bag for Your Next Trip: Here are Some Easy Tips
Backpacks and Camelbaks on the Slopes
Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Ski Boots
Protect Your Eyes on the Slopes
Here’s Help for Aging Knees
Why Waxing Your Skis is Important
Custom Foot Beds Can Make You a Better Skier
Eight Things You Should Never Be Without on the Mountain
Staying Warm and Dry on the Slopes
Ready for Anything: Part One
Ready for Anything: Part Two
How to Carry Your Ski Gear
How to Keep Your Feet Warm on Cold Days (wrote entire site)
Skijobs 411 Snow Blogs
Moving to the Rocky Mountains: Can You Afford It?
Why Even Good Skiers Need Lessons
Rocker Technology: Changing How the Rest of Us Ski
Shirking Responsibility on the Slopes Could Land You in Court
Beaver Creek Talons Challenge: Not for Wussies
How to Avoid Altitude Sickness When Skiing the Rockies
The Five Most Important Pieces of Ski Equipment You’ll Ever Own
Are You Fit Enough to Ski?
Why Ski Resorts Should Do More to Promote Helmets
How to Ski the West’s Luxe Resorts Affordably

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