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Body Mass Index – Overweight or Overfat?

December 2, 2017

If you’ve recently visited your doctor, chances are he discussed a new term you’ve never heard of: body mass index, or BMI. But, what is BMI? And, how does it affect your health?

A Primer on Obesity

Muffin top. Love handles. Beer belly. Call it what you want. Most of us are familiar with the struggle of managing our weight. A 2007 survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimated that 63% of American men and women are overweight or obese. Weight loss has become a $20 billion industry, responsible for the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, the Atkins Diet, Nutrisystem and more.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease claims more than 610,000 deaths a year – that’s one-fourth of all annual deaths. While there’s nothing you can do about risk factors like advancing age and gender, other factors like living a sedentary lifestyle and obesity can be successfully managed and reduce your risk for heart disease.

As you gain weight, you put more stress on your heart in an effort to pump blood around to an ever-increasing body size, leading to hypertension. Weight gain is often associated with higher triglycerides, higher LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) and lower HDL cholesterol (the good kind). Next, comes arthritis, joint pain, and the threat of stroke and diabetes. Eventually, you realize it’s time to make a change. read more

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Twelve Ways to Feel Healthy & Beautiful without Losing a Pound

July 5, 2016

Imagine for a moment, that someone came up with a health and beauty scale that had nothing to do with how much you weigh or the way you look. How do you think you’d rate? Would you score a 10? Or, maybe a 5? More importantly, who would be the judge?

Nearly everyone has chased their perfect image at one time or another. Spurred by television, magazines and social media, we convince ourselves that we won’t be happy until we’re a lithe, alluring, knockout. In fact, less than 2 percent of American women have the bodies of runway supermodels. Those who do, often suffer from physical and emotional disorders, trying to be someone other than themselves.

When it comes to overall health and happiness, how you look on the outside usually represents who you are on the inside. The secret to achieving the perfect you, relies on physical and mental health, as well as self-esteem and confidence. Here are twelve proven solutions to get you started enjoying a better you – without losing a pound.

Find humor in your life. Will Rogers once said, “Everything is funny. As long as it’s happening to somebody else.” That’s probably true. Put 7 billion people together on the same planet and something funny is bound to happen. But, people struggling with health or self-esteem issues rarely see the funny side of life. They’re too busy focusing on their problems to let humor into their lives. Try to let go of your inhibitions. Be more spontaneous. By releasing your hold on situations that you can’t control, the humor will begin to seep in. read more

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New Horizons in Weight Control

June 12, 2016

During one of my recent nocturnal online shopping trips, I came across a number of great new products designed to make it easy to lose weight. Well, they hadn’t actually become products yet, but were still in the “figment of someone’s imagination” phase – based enough in reality to have been issued patents, but still miles away from seeing the light of day. I did, however, manage to find three that were for sale, so I scooped them up before they disappeared from the market.

Scientists and Registered Dieticians agree that most of us are overweight because they eat too much, too fast. That’s where the Alarm Fork comes in. This handy battery-operated utensil comes with two lights embedded in the handle – one green and one red. Sensors in the tangs of the fork tell it when it’s loaded with food and turn the red light on. After you slide the empty fork out of your mouth, a built-in timer insures that the red light stays lit until you’ve had time to completely chew and swallow your food, when the light turns green. read more

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